About Christian Wery
Christian WeryAmateur photographer, living in Liege, Belgium, where i was born in 1951.

Retired, i am interestedl by photography since more than 20 years.

Trying to recreate the world around me with personal approach, i am above all a creative photograph who enjoys to make the most of manipulation techniques.

Images are my way to express most unspeakable feelings and share them with those who are interested by my realizations.
Favorits: Authors
  • José Fangueiro
  • Alexandre Lopes
  • Antonio Tedim
  • Olavo Azevedo
  • Miguel Silva
  • André Domingos
  • Bruno Sequeira
  • Mehmet AKIN
  • Gavino Idili
  • lucian olteanu
  • Paolo Scarano
  • ratnawaty tanzil
Favorits: Photos
  • Em um mergulho sem volta
  • The woman and the bird
  • Blue Paper
  • Intimately
  • " Everything flows toward the sun "
  • Surrounded
  • Normandy Dawn
  • Bruge ...
  • July Sunrise
  • Lecture
  • Distance
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